Solid Ink: Tim Hendricks Magic Mix Set

Solid Ink: Tim Hendricks Magic Mix Set

  • $66.00

This set includes a Black and 4 tones of Grey, formulated by the black and grey legend from the West Coast, Tim Hendricks. One 2 OZ bottle of each color.

Tim has worked together with Solid to develop the perfect tones to perform the smoothest work.

Dark (Single Needle Mix)
Feather Light

Black: A great black for all-around lining and solid fill work. Heals dark and bold.

Dark / Single Needle Mix: A very dark mix for those tones where black is too dark but a medium mix is too light. Great for smoothing the fade between a medium tone to a black tone. Also great for single needlework, when you don't want too dark of a black but still need a strong enough black for line work.

Medium: A strong medium tone, definitely tends to be a most used tone. Great for whipping soft gradations from a black area and darkening up lighter tones a bit.

Light: A velvety smooth tone for your end fades and softer areas

Feather Light: As light as it gets, for those tones that are almost unnoticeable but make a huge difference in what your eye sees. Also good for blood lining your stencil with an extra soft shade.