Vulcan Cartridges

Our premium cartridge needles take advantage of the latest membrane technology to ensure the highest consistency with no worries of backflow. Every grouping is precisely secured with lead-free solder.

Crafted from 316L Surgical Steel for safety and performance.

New and Improved: 

Internal design: The internal cartridge system consists of a state of the art interlocking square stem and back cap - greatly improving stability while eliminating wobble and rotation.

Vulcan Liners feature a secondary stem guide for extra precision.

Membrane: Our advanced elastomeric membrane system further enhances stability for smooth, precise movement. Vulcan cartridges require lower drive voltages, preserving the life of your machines and the longevity of the cartridge.

Casing: New finely tapered design with a translucent tip allows an unobstructed view of the work point. All groupings now ride on the base of the cartridge for optimal pigment flow.