• $15.99

Machine Bags

  • Protect your machine from cross-contamination and splatter
  • These covers easily slip over your machine

Cord Covers

  • Easy-to-use barrier prevents cross-contamination
  • Provide protection when working across the body or on large areas where the cord may come in contact with the tattooed area
  • Individual covers, open on both ends
  • 2" in width
  • Eliminate contamination and make cleanup effortless

Bottle Covers

  • Covers entire spray or wash bottle, preventing cross-contamination
  • Transparent for easily identifying the liquid level in the bottle
  • Excellent for keeping equipment clean and germ-free

Chair Covers (Half and Full Sizes)

  • Clear chair sleeve slides on and off easily
  • Eliminates need for headrest cover
  • Reduce use of disinfectants

Headrest Covers

  • Lays flat on headrest and provides impervious barrier between the patient & the Headrest
  • This cover protects headrest on operatory chair from damaging effects of surface disinfectants such as cracking or fading